Witch of East Somerton


Hot off the editing desk, right in time for yesterday's Portrait Master Awards - where two images scored high international bronze awards - is a personal project based on the local legend of the Witch of East Somerton.

Years ago I visited this eerily atmospheric church ruin with a friend who lives locally, and she recalled the legend of the witch. I’m an avid listener of the Weird Norfolk podcast - check this out - and having heard their telling of this legend, I decided I needed to create a photographic series.

The legend goes that a witch with a wooden leg was buried alive under the nave in the 15th century. From her leg an oak tree grew and destroyed the church. It is believed if you walk around the tree three times and say her name she will reappear. For my main levitation image I added a little smoke and movement to show her re-emergence from the tree. Styling was hugely inspired by the books of Philip Pullman.

Huge thanks to my stellar team: Styling by Rachael Fox, Modelled by Hayley Bird, Assisted & lit by Mark Hewlett.