Wedding Products - The Folio Box


With the beginning of a new wedding season comes a new and beautiful heirloom product to display your images. Produced by the same award winning artisan lab as my albums, the Folio Box is just as perfectly printed and is even more flexible.

Each beautiful box contains a wooden easel block to showcase the mounted images within, allowing you to display and change as much as you like. Each image is printed on soft cotton sustainable FSC papers. I can envisage this becoming the new go-to thank you gift for parents. It's also the perfect companion to your main album as the cover material can match or compliment.

I know I bang on about couples not printing enough. It does break my heart when a year after the wedding the images still lay in the USB box untouched. Bring your wedding back to life.

Can you imagine a Folio Box displayed on a shelf in your home? Get in touch for the 2020 price list.


Don't forget that when your balance is due, you can add on an album with a 10% reduction. The 2020 range now includes eight vegan friendly PU leathers as well as many new leather and cotton colours. Contact me to view the swatches and I'll design and archive your fabulous wedding day for the future.


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