The Portrait Masters Awards


As you may have noticed, this year I've taken a back seat from wedding awards, competitions and accreditations. There are a few reasons for this, but the main one was I wanted to create more time to photograph portraits. Not any portraits, but creative, fine art and fantastical portraits of children. If you've been in Norwich over the summer you may have seen and enjoyed my images of Alice in The Assembly House and in the next few weeks I'll be launching my new portraiture website. I am now booking for autumn, winter and spring so please get in touch and I'll chat through your dream shoot.

At the start of the summer I decided to dip my toe in international competitive waters - The Portrait Masters. It's a great bench mark to see how images score among the top photographers in the world, it keeps me motivated and creativity flowing. Of the eight images submitted in contemporary, children, pets and creative categories, all received the much sort after bronze merit certificate with two in creative a couple of points away from the silver award. Huge thanks to all the wonderful people and pets featured in this gallery.


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