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Norwich Wedding Photography of Claire and Rus


My first Norwich wedding photography of 2016 was also my last ever at Churchman House, before the register office moves to Norwich Castle in the Spring.

I’ve grown very fond of this old building and the streets and gardens around it. Claire and Rus planned a low key intimate wedding but were still incredibly organised (which I love). Their styling of flowing lace, with home grown garden flowers against deep reds and navy added a sense of informality. Claire looked effortlessly beautiful in her Charlotte Balbier gown and Rus a dashing groom in his Lambretta three piece.

Claire’s smile is so infectious and the reveal with her father, Colin, was such a beautiful moment. After their emotional ceremony we headed into the garden where friends and family took confetti throwing to a whole new level. The weather gods were smiling on me yet again as we headed to their dream location for photography, Plantation Gardens. On the walk there, they were stopped and congratulated by so many people, as well as cars honking their horns as they walked over Grapes Hill bridge. Claire and Rus completely engaged in their images and the results speak for themselves.

Back at the St Giles House Hotel, everyone was relaxing in the lounge with a few competitive board games in action. I set to work on their formal groups before heading up to the Walnut Room. A musical theme coupled with mini quizzes on each table helped to break the ice. ‘Someone at this table is sometimes referred to as “Trumpatron”, “Trumpasauraus Rex” or “Trumpinator”’- answers on a postcard folks! Friend Lucy had created their beautiful cake which blended music and setting perfectly. I just adored this wedding and this couple, can you tell? Much love Karen (Louise)

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