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Norwich Wedding at St Johns Cathedral and St Giles of Laura and Tom


A literary theme was always going to be at the forefront for Laura as she studied and teaches English.

The Great Gatsby and speakeasy era was chosen at the quintessential 1920s venue St Giles House Hotel. With my good friend Amelia on hair duties and the Spa ladies working their magic, I knew Laura and Tom's Norwich wedding was going to be one of those visually epic days.

Laura had chosen a beautiful Phil Collins Bridal gown dripping in crystal droplets. She styled herself and her bridesmaids with loose hair and old school Hollywood glamour beauty. It was a monochrome colourway, with black dresses and black mourning suits for the guys. For a cathedral wedding it had to be classic tails. They also wanted a 20s feel to their portraits, but with these two I couldn't help ramp up the romance.

It was my first wedding at St John's Cathedral and what a building. I brought husband Dave along to capture the view from the balcony and we were both blown away. After the ceremony the grey clouds rumbled in, we managed capture the group images just before the rain. We waited for this to clear, shot a few portraits before heading to St Giles for cocktails. Having the whole hotel to ourselves was such fun. 

As you all know, I love to photograph set pieces and I'd discussed this with Laura and Tom beforehand. They loved the idea of a Sopranos style group image of their bridal party. St Giles' library was the perfect room. Add their vintage gramophone and remove anything non-period (we didn't want a Downton water bottle moment). Roles were given, poses directed and what a great group they are.

Every part of the hotel was used, from the restaurant for the meal to the staircase for speeches. Alice, Gabriella and team were fantastic as always. Lady and the Tramps finished the evening in style and kept everyone dancing with some great music. I just loved this couple and their wedding, I hope you do too. Congratulations L&T.

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