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Dairy Barns Wedding in Norfolk of Anna and Will


Anna & Will's wedding in Norfolk was a day of pure romance amongst the prettiest of settings.

I was taken into the Norfolk Broads with Swallows and Amazons in my mind with these pretty birds swooping overhead, and the swallow motif was echoed throughout the day. They'd chosen Dairy Barns to host the day, one of my absolute favourite venues. As I arrived for prep, it was wonderful to catch up with all of Anna's family again. Anna is the youngest of three sisters who it's been an absolute pleasure to know since photographing Elly's wedding in 2012. It was equally wonderful to finally work alongside Flamingo Amy. With nephew Harry hogging all of the attention, the morning passed in the same spirit as the rest of the day - relaxed and with loving warm vibes.

The styling of the day was rooted in the 1950s. Anna had chosen a stunning lace tea length gown by Fur Coat No Knickers and accented with a favourite pair of heels and gypsophila in her hair. Will complemented in a striking three piece from Hatters. The country garden flowers were a blaze of colour, DIYed by sister Elly with florals incorporating those given from their home and neighbours. The DIY didn't end there with the main barn painstaking decorated by uni friends with hand-made bunting and vintage crockery repurposed as candle and flower holders. Their transport was equally vintage with her dad's Morris Minor 1000 and Will's Fiat500 which he's been restoring for five years.

The church in Dilham was where Anna was Christened and is a special place for her. Set amongst corn fields under wide blue skies and decorated in lavender, it couldn't be more Norfolk. Anna had booked a surprise for Will, an accordion player who not only entertained us with the theme from 'Allo 'Allo for Anna's entrance, but also played one of my all time favourite pieces of theme music from Up. Indeed their love of 80s sitcoms continued back at the barns. Their friend composed the 'Happisburgh Hootenanny'. A guess that tune quiz played by some of the best brass musicians in the country, with bride and groom on trumpets. During the reception we were also joined by caricature artist Steve who created some classic portraits of guests throughout the afternoon.

So the final question of the evening. What do two incredibly talented musicians choose for a first dance? The Ketchup Song by Las Ketchup of course! Everyone enjoyed the juke box and creating their own dance mix in the evening, with a huge range of music to choose from. After a subtle summer sunset I left with the dance floor full and guests enjoying a crepe (or two). Congratulations!

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