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British Asian Wedding of Louise and Bav at Somerleyton Hall {Part Two}


Louise and Bav's spectacular Spring British Asian wedding was drama personified.

Set amongst the grandeur of Somerleyton Hall with a theme of love and colour, their two ceremonies fused two cultures in one BIG celebration.

I was so happy to be back at Somerleyton again. It’s a photographers dream location. I started my day in the Lodge, a joined set of suites in the Hall. Theirs was a wedding where we would be up against time, so having prep in the same location meant I could work faster and get ahead of the schedule. Melissa and Lily were creating beautiful transformations for the ladies whilst I curated the dress and details. I love a reveal of the bride and Louise’s parents were blown away with emotion on seeing how beautiful their daughter looked in her Justin Alexander gown.

Louise and Bav styled bright and bold in tones of pink, orange and blue; vibrant and full of fun. Bav now holds the record for the largest buttonhole in the history of weddings… ever! Their ceremonies were being held in the Winter Garden, a gorgeous space which incorporates natural elements. Due to the schedule we kept their portraits closer to the Hall, varying locations around the parterre. I have to mention Masterchef at this point. At one of our pre-wedding meetings I’d asked them what do they both love and Masterchef was mentioned. This led to remembering the famous mash-up of Gregg and John’s buttery biscuit base (look it up folks) and what a great group shot it would be with the bridal party in Gregg Wallace masks. So we created a tribute to the best cooking double act on TV.

I was privileged to capture Louise’s transformation into an Indian princess and was blown away with how fabulous all the ladies looked in their saris. Time for ceremony number two. Bav had requested a shortened service but this didn’t diminish it’s meaning or validity. Their priest’s reading of sanskrit was mesmerising and I look forward to capturing more in the future. After the ceremony was concluded we took time away for some further portraits and family groups. The bridal party then changed again for the reception and evening.

The reception room was full of sentimental touches, colour and an abundance of flowers and balloons. The speeches were emotional, the food plentiful and everyone was entertained by Jess on guitar and beat-boxing waiter Lee. The party really got started when the DJ played some Bollywood medleys. We finished the day with sparklers and fireworks on the lawn. A symbolic and fitting end to an immense day. Much love to the happy couple.

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