2019 Couples Favourites


Thanks for staying tuned to the blog and for all your messages. You've seen my highlights of 2019 - love + light. You've read Mark's musings and flicked through his documentary favourites of the year. This week it's the turn of my fabulous couples.

I popped an email around a few months ago and huge thanks to the couples who responded. I can go on and on about wedding days, but I wanted to hear from the brides and grooms themselves about what their images mean to them. After all, that's what wedding photography is all about.

First up is the image above and the lovely memories of Imi & James...

"We never thought we’d get a photograph of us both quite like this! We’ve had so many comments from family and friends that we look like movie stars, so how could this not be one of our favourite images! The image has everything – the love letters, festoon lighting, bunting, the red brick of the barn, James has a beer and it showcases the wedding dress perfectly."


"After excitement of the ceremony and the speeches, it was a delight to have some time to ourselves in the amazing Norfolk countryside as the sun was setting. It meant so much to us to have this time together and Karen and Mark captured our happiness so perfectly!" Ellie & Jon


"It made me cry seeing these shots. I am my daddy’s girl and there’s me looking at him with love, pride and admiration just after we’ve argued and laughed." Alex & Rupert


"This is one of our favourite photos because it shows off the beauty of the gardens which was one of the big factors in picking the venue. The lighting from the sunset, coupled with the angle of us and the gardens together makes this a perfect picture to remember our special day." Tanya & Ryan


"As we love all of our wedding photos, it was very hard to pick our favourites. We both love this photo, but this one is James’s favourite as he believes it’s a true reflection of the day. The sun is shining, we both look so happy and it showcases the surrounds of the venue amazingly." Imi & James


"We love this picture because it was taken moments after the ceremony and you can see the happiness written clearly on our faces." Ellie & Jon


"A firm favourite is of the two of us walking away from the camera flanked by three ginkgos to our left. The colours just sing to me with the muted sky and the ochre ash, oak and blackthorn on the horizon finished by the low camera angle touching the yellowing grass. The shot also captures the two of us walking away hand in hand, talking to one another in a world of our own. It also shows the back of my dress which exposes my awful tan line(!) but that in itself is very sentimental because the tan line is only there because I’d spent the previous five months walking everyday with our newborn. Had I not been on maternity leave I would have missed the hours of sunshine and would have been pale all over!" Alex & Rupert


"The classic Oxnead Hall wedding picture coupled with the magnificent historical archways is one of our favourites due to it capturing everything we wanted from our wedding day." Tanya & Ryan


"When we first met Karen, we explained that we loved the Dairy Barns because of the surrounding fields and the gorgeous brick walls. We knew the fields would be an amazing backdrop for photos and Karen captured the exact image we had hoped for when we booked our wedding. The image looks so natural and makes us look fabulous!" Imi & James


"One of the reasons we love Karen’s work is her creativity and ability to capture personalities and emotions. This picture of our Best Man and Bridesmaids perfectly sums up each and every one of them and the emotions of the day!" Ellie & Jon


"Rupert reading his speech. Looking slightly dishevelled because of the long morning of finishing touches; feeling too hot; standing on ceremony; and making idle chit chat to friends and family (not his favourite pastime!), this photo makes my heart sing because it shows the real Rupes. Deep in concentration as he mulls over what he’s written and what he’s about to say. Then there’s Oscar. Just at his daddy’s feet, oblivious to the occasion but so relevant to it." Alex & Rupert


"Karen throughout our day demonstrated great skill and enthusiasm to picture our wedding in a unique and natural way, we have so many pictures we would call our favourite but love this photo due to the reflections on the river." Tanya & Ryan

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